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Local Moving

Moving can be an overwhelming time in your life. The thrill of new opportunities, new people, and new surroundings can get you worked up. Depending on why you are moving, you could be experiencing a gamut of emotions. While it can be a very good time in your life, there are many things to get done. When you move, you get so excited that you can often forget some critical steps. Here are a few things that you need to do to prepare for your next move.

The first thing that you need to do is create a file for your move. You’re going to have a lot of documents that need a place to stay during this period. Therefore, creating a file is a good way to keep them all in one place.Start budgeting for moving expenses well in advance. You should probably start a few months ahead of time if you have enough advanced notice. Moving can rack up a lot of different expenses. It’s best to be prepared for them in advance.Get a floor plan of your new home and start planning ahead. You will want to look at the ground plan and come up with a layout of all of your items. Your new house will most likely be a different design than the old one, so planning out where everything will go in advance can save time once you get there. Start looking for moving companies.

The quality of the movers that you use can make a big difference for you. If you hire the right movers, it can make the whole process run smoothly. If you hire the wrong movers, it can result in damaged furniture and a lot of headaches for you. Check out customer reviews and the Better Business Bureau to find the best moving company available. Make plans for all of your valuables. If you have important things that you do not want to lose during the move, it might be to your advantage to ship them with certified mail. This way, you know exactly where they will be, and you can insure them during the transfer if you desire.Get control of your vital records. If you have children, you will need to make plans to have their transcripts transferred to the new school. You will also need to gather any necessary medical or dental records and have them transferred to a new doctor in your new city. Ask for referrals from your old doctor as well. Start collecting boxes.
Whenever you come across a box, make sure that you hang on to it. Put the word out that you are looking for boxes.File a change of address with the post office. Take notes of utility meters and make the necessary arrangements to shut off the utilities at the proper time.

While moving can be exciting, there are a lot of things to get done. This list should get you started, but there are always things that come up unexpectedly. The important thing is that you start planning well in advance, so nothing comes up that you don’t have time to address.

Nothing can make you feel quite as tired or befuddled as attempting get years of accumulated possessions ready for transport. As most people don’t have the money, or the inclination, to hire professional movers, they tend to move. Unfortunately, because they are not professionals, most people find running to be an enormously convoluted chore.

While you may not be able to relieve all of the headaches associated with relocation, you can move smart. The first step is to make a “moving checklist.” This list will ensure that you have taken care of all the essentials so that no stone if left unturned during a potentially stress-filled time.

File a change of address with the Post Office

Ensuring that you will receive your mail is critical, so visit your local post office and pick up a change of address form. Try to submit this information no less that four weeks before your move so you can rest assured that the changes have been implemented.

Shut off/turn on the utilities

Make sure the services have been transferred to your new location. Also, check to see if they have been turned off from the old one as well. Mix-ups can happen, and you would hate to be stuck with two monthly electric bills.

Grab a few Moving Boxes

Any U-Haul or moving company will have moving boxes for purchase. The environmentally conscious can hunt for recycled boxes or secure them from the local grocery or retail store.

Once the acquired boxes are packed up, be sure carefully mark them on the sides and the top as well. All breakable items should be labeled as “fragile.”

Have “Moving Sale.”

There are some items that probably won’t be feasible to take with you. These articles may be of benefit to others, however, so having a “moving sale” may be a great idea to eradicate extra stuff. Not only will you get rid of extra junk, but you will also make money that would be useful to you throughout the relocation process. Anything not sold can go to a local charity or the dumpster

Protect valuables

Antiques, expensive clothing, and jewelry, should all be correctly allocated and protected via plastic wraps and padded furniture especially should be safeguarded. Many local moving suppliers will have the products necessary to keep your valued property safe during transit and after.

Rent truck

You don’t need to hire an expensive moving company to have a successful move! You can go to any one of the local rent-a-truck type companies to obtain the size vehicles you’ll need for your move. Be sure to look over the contract to see what your obligations are to the company and be sure to turn the truck in on time at the designated location.
You’ll also want to have your car serviced before your move so it will be reliable enough to make the journey to your new digs.

Obtain cleaning supplies

Be sure to get essential cleaning products for both homes. In this way, you can clean up after yourself at your old home and spruce up your new place as well.

Perform a room by room check

Be sure to check every room before leaving your old home. This is especially critical if you are moving to a new state, as it will be extremely hard to obtain any possessions that were left behind.

Designate responsibilities

Get your kids in the act you can make packing fun by having contests where people who load or pack boxes the fastest will get to go someplace they enjoy eating at as a reward.