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Student Moving

Helping Students Move

Excited to move to a new place? As you gear up to move to another premise, you should be wary of the things that could come up in the moving process. Although it could be one of the most exciting experiences in your life, there are several known challenges which you should know beforehand. In this write-up we will take an inside look at the hassles that Auburn college students go through when moving.


Knowing Your Utilities

Perhaps the first and the most important thing before you even think about moving should be knowing your stuff. Many students end up being stuck in the middle of the movement process, simply because of not considering the stuff that they are moving. Knowing the space that your items occupy helps you in planning and making a reasonable budget.


Limited Storage Units

Among the most scarce and in-demand things experienced when moving are storage units. Because many people are moving during the onset and at the end of semesters, storing things is a priority to many and the available units ends up being taken. On that account, you should always have storage units among the priorities on your checklist to avoid the hassles. Prioritizing and doing this earlier will also help you cut down on storage expenditures and give you a chance to chose a good storage company.



Although most college students may consider packing to be child’s play, it could be a pain especially if you have lots of stuff to deal with. One should snug and wrap items and use ideal packaging materials such as boxes and packaging trays. Handling and packing your valuables should also be done in a proper way to ensure a smooth moving process. It is always advisable to start with seldom used items and then later on work on the items that are used more often. This will mostly come in handy when you are settling and arranging your new place.


Items Breaking and Getting Lost

As horrible as this may sound, most students either lose or damage their stuffs when moving. Surprisingly, most of these cases could easily be avoided by being keen on how the packaging and moving is done. Stacking items carelessly is to blame in many of these incidences. To be on the safer side, make sure to take your time packing your items and if need be, label and tag them to avoid misplacing them. Should you also chose to use a moving or a packing service, make sure that they are reliable and professional in handling your stuff to avoid breakages and ensure that you don’t lose any of your belongings.


Time Considerations

In some cases students find themselves moving their stuff late giving them little time to unpack and organize their stuff. One could also end up packing their things hurriedly and disorderly making them vulnerable to breakages. Failing to pack your items and ready them for moving could also mean that you will incur more costs if the moving company charges for by time. It is always recommended that you pack your stuff earlier in time and dedicate a day for the moving.