Bolt Movers is a moving company founded by the Bolton Brothers, who started the business after helping their friends and family with local moves in Auburn, AL. They quickly realized they had a niche in the market and began to grow their clientele, delivering excellent service for both local and long distance moves. The brothers have physically conducted over 1,200 moves, including several cross-country relocations. Built from the ground up.

The Bolton brothers have perfected their moving process and promise to deliver the highest quality service to their clients. They understand that their business is only as good as their team and carefully select and train each team member. Bolt Movers breaks any negative connotations associated with moving companies and is a team you can trust!

Their company’s mission is to exceed their clients’ expectations. The team at Bolt Movers prides itself on being respectful of their clients and providing the best moving experience possible. Their team members are hand-picked by the owners to ensure they are hard-working, responsible, and polite. They understand that it may be uncomfortable for some to trust strangers with their personal belongings, so they promise their team is trustworthy and personable.

The team at Bolt Movers maintains a positive attitude and strives to keep the laughs going and have fun during their moves. However, they never let this get in the way of taking care of their clients’ valuables. They have built a great reputation and strive to ensure it will not waver. They thank all of their clients that have given them positive referrals and allowed them to grow their business.

Through years of experience, they have grown to understand the issues with unexpected up-charges from large moving companies. Jobs quoted with Bolt Movers as a flat rate will be charged the exact same price.