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Morgan - Nashville Moving Company


James is from Birmingham, AL, and has lived in Nashville since 2014. He’s working on his degree in Physical Education from The Middle Tennessee State University and loves traveling, trying different and new cuisines, and taking beautiful pictures.

James has been a Bolt Mover for almost five years and is an excellent example of the success that can happen when you value and take pride in our business! 

Alex - Nashville Moving Company


Jackson is from Dallas, TX, and is currently studying to earn his History degree at Auburn University. He is in Army ROTC and plans to pursue a career as an Army Officer once he has graduated. He loves Jesus, hunting, fishing, hiking, NASCAR, football, and working out.

Ethan - Nashville Moving Company


Joey is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but has lived in Murfreesboro, TN, since 2018. He is currently studying Accounting at MTSU and loves weightlifting, deep-dish pizza, and anything outdoors.

Morgan - Nashville Moving Company


Blake is from Springville, Alabama, and has lived in Auburn for the last five years. In May 2021, he will be graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University. Blake loves mountain biking, fishing, powerlifting, and spending as much of his free time as possible outdoors!

Alex - Nashville Moving Company


Mike was born and raised in Dallas, TX, and attended the University of Texas at Dallas. Since graduating, he has dabbled in several different careers, including operating his own catering company and selling real estate. He enjoys weight lifting, traveling, and any sport he has the opportunity to play.

Ethan - Nashville Moving Company


TJ is from Huntsville, Alabama, and is currently in school at Southeastern University, taking online classes and pursuing a degree in Ministerial Leadership. You can always count on TJ to give you a good laugh, and he enjoys coaching wrestling, reading the Bible, attending small groups and church.

“Working for Stephen was truly a pleasure. He’s extremely professional and cares a great deal not only about the quality of his services, but also his staff. I aim to be as valuable a leader and businessman as him in my future dental career. If you’re searching for a moving company to help your family relocate or you’re searching for an employer, you won’t be disappointed.”

Alex Hagar
Psychology, Vanderbilt University – 2016
College of Dentistry, UTHSC – 2020

The first time I heard about Bolt Movers and got to meet Stephen Bolton was from a friend of mine during the summer of 2016. At the time I was a junior in college and knew I could make some money by working here (and get a good workout in on the job). I didn’t know anything about moving other than you get the clients belongings from point A to B. Little did I know how much of a personal and professional development experience this would be for myself. My mindset quickly went from making money to making sure I go above and beyond for every single client and co-worker. That is where the true satisfaction comes from when this job is done right, and Stephen has fostered a culture to do just that. Stephen ended up not just being a boss, but also a mentor. He was a mentor for myself and many of the other guys on the team. I could talk for days about the stories and experiences I have gained throughout my time at Bolt movers. 


Ethan Murphy
Financial Management, Lipscomb University – 2017
Master of Management, Lipscomb University – 2018
Product Analyst, Sarah Cannon

Jimmy - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Drew is from Little Rock, AR, and has resided in Murfreesboro, TN, for 15 years. He is a high school graduate and looking to further his education at Cleveland State University. Drew is an adventurous person who loves fitness and being outdoors.

Braylee - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Aracin is from Tampa, FL, and has lived in Dallas since 2007. He attended UNT and is currently working on his UI Design Education. He loves lifting weights, watching documentaries, painting, and meeting new people.

Grant - Nashville Moving Company


John is from Rochester, NY, and has lived in Murfreesboro, TN, since 2010. He currently leads worship at World Outreach Church and loves sports, reading, music, and church.

Jimmy - Nashville, TN Moving Company

Sam J

Sam has lived in Madison, AL, since 2010 and will be attending Auburn University in the spring to earn his degree in Construction Management. He loves going to the gym, sports, and going to church on Sunday.

Braylee - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Leo has spent much of his life traveling to various countries but currently resides in Huntsville, AL. He is a Sophomore at UAH and is studying Computer Science. Leo enjoys learning music, cryptocurrency, and mycology.

Grant - Nashville Moving Company


Wyatt lives in Murfreesboro, TN, where he was born and raised. He is currently attending school and hopes to earn his Doctorate in Physics. He loves running, climbing, and trying new things.

I joined Bolt Movers with the intention of solely working for a single summer. However, my tenure with Bolt lasted well over two years. I was quickly drawn into the fast paced, high energy environment that allowed me to gain management experience and develop relationships that will guide me through my professional career. I would highly recommend any Bolt Movers to anyone who is looking for an opportunity to become a leader and immerse themselves in an learning environment!

Gabe Glimps
Master of Business, Lipscomb University – 2018
Regional Account Manager, Verity – A HealthStream Company

I joined Bolt Movers while taking pre-med classes at Auburn and the job couldn’t have been better. While many moves required long days, the pay (hourly plus great tips) and flexible hours made it well worth it and was exactly what I needed. The teams consisted of hard working guys which made the tiring days quite enjoyable. We were always encouraged to bring in any of our friends that were hard working and that definitely was an added bonus to the work environment. By the end of the summer I had earned way more than I initially expected and was in great shape! Overall, it was a very positive experience with a great team and a great leader. My time at Bolt was a Win Win.

John H White III
Biomedical Sciences, Auburn University – 2012
School of Medicine, University of Alabama – 2019

Glenn - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Emory is from Carrollton, GA, and has lived in Auburn since 2018. He is a business major and is hoping to start his own online business soon. He loves to read, go to the gym, and watch movies.

Ryan - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Ellis is from Fairhope, AL, and has lived in Auburn since 2020. He is currently a student at Auburn University, studying to earn a degree in Building Science. He enjoys surfing, scuba diving, working out, and hanging out with friends.

Sam A

Sam is from Memphis, TN, and has lived in Auburn since 2019. He is currently studying Building Science at Auburn University and enjoys playing rugby, working out, and spending time with his friends.

Glenn - Nashville, TN Moving Company


John is originally from Anniston, AL, but spent much of his younger years moving around frequently while his Dad served in the military. His Dad decided to retire in Huntsville, AL, and now, John Scott is part of the Army ROTC Program at Auburn University. He is also studying to earn his BS in Aviation Management. His hobbies include: swimming, hunting, horseback riding, working out, and anything outdoors.

Ryan - Nashville, TN Moving Company


Gabe is from Stone Mountain, GA, and has lived in Auburn, AL, since 2016. In 2021 he will be graduating from Auburn University with a degree in Exercise Science and will be moving back to Atlanta to attend Life University to become a Chiropractor. Gabe loves basketball, baseball, horseback riding, fishing, video games, lifting, and sushi.


Cody is from Methuen, MA, and moved to Auburn in September 2020 with his brother. Together, they are working to build capital to purchase properties and pursue careers in real estate. Cody enjoys lifting weights, playing basketball, video games, and relaxing on the beach with a margarita.

I worked at Bolt Movers with Stephen while taking pre law classes at Auburn University. The pay was excellent and the guys on the moves are always fun to be around. Stephen employs hard working, responsible young men and the work environment remains positive at all times. Negativity was not tolerated. I would definitely recommend this job to anyone who is willing to put in hard work for a higher pay and enjoys working flexible hours.

Hamilton Jordan, J.D., M.B.A.
Attorney at Law

I worked with Bolt Movers during my off-season as a professional baseball player. The moves kept me in great shape for baseball season while also providing me with great co workers who made the moves fun. There were plenty of opportunities for local moves as well as traveling around the country to amazing places I wouldn’t normally have the chance to see. The great hourly pay and incentives that Bolt provided made for a fulfilling work experience. The owner, Stephen, is both charismatic and positive and is a great guy to work with. I couldn’t have had a better off-season employment opportunity.

Jake Cousins

Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania – 2018

Washington Nationals Professional Baseball Player

Morgan - Nashville Moving Company


Ian is from Murfreesboro, TN, and has lived there since birth. He is currently attending Central Magnet and is hoping to study Biomedical Engineering at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. He loves running, working out, playing soccer, and driving on country back roads.

Alex - Nashville Moving Company


Carlos was born and raised in Dallas and is a jack of all trades, master of none. He is always eager to learn something new and loves traveling, any outdoor activity, and his dog.

Alex - Nashville Moving Company


Matt is from Chicago, IL, and has lived in Dallas since 2018. He is currently studying Finance and Investments at the University of North Texas and loves rock climbing, cars, and playing lacrosse.